Ohio State Decor for the Backyard and Frontyard

If you'd like to add some Buckeye flair to your yard, the backyard is a great place to start. There are plenty of things that you can do to show your Buckeye spirit in your backyard.

For starters, how about a nice patio with red bricks or, if you are partial to decks, a gray deck made of the new composite decking material? Even better, you could build a patio with a block O built in using white, red, and/or gray bricks. If you prefer subtlety, you could add a nice landscape border with red bricks (The mortar serves as the gray).

Other Backyard Ideas
Many Buckeye fans would argue that an Ohio State cornhole set is essential(or beanbag game, if the aforementioned version conjures unwanted mental images) Ohio State grill covers can add a nice touch, as well as a Brutus lawn figurine, or a patio table with a Buckeye umbrella and Ohio State patio chairs.

Another nice touch to a Buckeye backyard is a large projection screen that can be placed outside for game watching parties. This way, if you want to host a large Buckeye-watching party, you aren't limited to the space in your living room or basement.

Front Yard
Probably the classiest way to display your Buckeye pride in the front yard is prominently displaying a modestly sized Buckeye flag. Other ideas for the front yard include a Buckeye mailbox or Brutus figurine.

Aside from adding inanimate objects to your yard, planting white and red flowers and/or plants that have red or silver hues can add a very classy touch to your yard. Red and white impatiens or petunias are a nice choice for a flower border along a landscaped bed, along with plants like Silver King and Silver dust. To add a nice touch in the fall, the burning bush shrub's leaves turn brilliant red. The red twig dogwood's branches remain bright red throughout the winter.

We need your photos! Send us a photo of your Ohio State-themed backyard or front yard to photos@ohio-state-rooms.com and we will post it on the site!