More Ideas for a Buckeye theme

Buckeye themed gear can be added to just about any room, and Ohio state themed items also make great gifts for alumni, fans, and current students. Here are some things we haven't mentioned in any other area of the site.

Buckeye Pool Tables and Accessories

Buckeye Apparel

Buckeye Car Gear

Buckeye Stores If you live in the Columbus area, there are plenty of stores where you can buy Buckeye apparel and goods. If you live in the Ohio State campus area, Conrad's is great, as well as the various bookstores. Also, in the Columbus area, there are several Buckeye corner stores chock full of Buckeye gear and decor.

Buckeye Blogs and Websites
Some of my favorite Buckeye websites include the official athletics site, ohiostatebuckeyes.com, theozone.net, buckeyeplanet.com, and ohiostate.247sports.com.