Buckeye Decor in Living Rooms

Contrary to what my wife might argue, I think a living room is an another great place to display Buckeye decor. I believe that tastefully placing the right type of Buckeye decor in a living room can be a great way to show your Buckeye pride - especially if you live in an apartment or don't have a finished basement.

So what types of decor are best suited for a living room? First of all, a living room that is painted gray can have a modern or contemporary feel. So if you paint your living room gray, then black, white, and red furniture would all be great colors to create a clean and modern look. If you (or your wife) don't believe me, check out the results of a Google Image search for gray and red living room. or take a look at the photo below.

Photo from beinteriordecorator.com

Now that is one nice Buckeye room, right?

To add a nice touch, you could add a nice family photo in a OSU Glass Picture Frame. Or, if you wanted to take it a step further, you could add a nice Ohio State rug. This is also a nice item for a basement.

Or, you can add some class to your room with a beautiful stained glass OSU lamp like the one pictured below.

Regardless of which finished touches you decide on, keep it classy Buckeye fans. And please, when you're finished, send us a photo tophotos@ohio-state-rooms.com and we will post it on the site!