Ohio State Bedrooms

Aside from a basement, a bedroom is probably the second most popular room to Buckeye-ize. On top of that, it is very easy to equip your bedroom with Ohio State decor, due to the abundance of decor that would be appropriate for bedrooms.

Aside from Buckeye-colored carpet, carpet, and curtains, you can use Ohio State-themed bedding, Buckeye clocks, framed posters and/or photos, BUckeye flags, wall decals, OhioState themed garbage cans (I recommend placing a Michigan logo at the bottom of the garbage can), and other collectibles like bobbleheads or mini statues of your favorite Buckeye greats.

Check out this classy Ohio State bedroom from simplybeautifulspacesllc.blogspot.com

Here is a large Ohio State wall decal similar to the one shown in the photo above:

Instead of the gray comforter shown above, you could also opt for a classy Ohio State comforter like the one pictured below...

Or, for a kid's room, you could add a nice life-sized Brutus Fathead like the one pictured below:

We want photos of your Ohio State bedrooms! Email your photos to us at photos@ohio-state-rooms.com and we will post them on the website.