Buckeye Basements

The Buckeye basement is without a doubt the most popular room to Buckeye-ize, and if you are a novice, where I would recommend that you begin. A quality Buckeye basement is easy to create and can be a great selling point if you live in Columbus Ohio. However, in other areas of the country it may detract from the sale price - especially if you, as a result of some unfortunate event, happen to reside in "that state up north".

Does this mean that if you don't live in Columbus, you shouldn't create a Buckeye basement? Absolutely not - that would be foolish! What it does mean is that you should take the appropriate precautions and make sure you make the right choices when it comes to Buckeye decor so that you can easily de-Buckeye the basement if you need to sell your house.

Without further ado, let's look at a couple of Buckeye basements for some ideas.

Buckeye Basement #1: Full-featured Buckeye Basement

This is a classy Buckeye basement with a nice pool table and foosball table. The white ledge and 2 different shades of gray is a nice touch. The buckeye flag along with what appears to be a photo of Ohio Stadium add some flair to the walls.

Additionally, the red chairs and black sofas appear to be arranged optimally for maximum seating in what appears to be a somewhat narrow space. The big screen is wall-mounted on a red accent wall, and the built-in nook for the entertainment system is ideal for optimal space utilization.

Photos from abasement2nv.com

Buckeye Basement #2: Working with a smaller space

This is a nicely configured single-room Ohio State themed basement. Although the room configuration is slightly more cramped than the above example, this basement features two very comfy-looking black sofas, with additional less permanent seating to providing maximum seating capacity for hosting Buckeye game-watching parties.

This basement is obviously not as easily neutralized for the purpose of a home sale. However, I believe the over-the-top Buckeye pop of this basement would undoubtedly be a significant selling feature for the right Buckeye house shopper.

No detail is overlooked here, as the two-tone scarlet and gray walls, Ohio State wallpaper border in the middle, Ohio State blankets , Ohio State decal on the wall, and gray floor with red carpet would attest.

Photo from the Columbus Dispatch.

Big Nut (pictured below) approves:
Photo from BleacherReport.com

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