Create Your Very Own Ohio State Room

Do you bleed scarlet and gray? Do you frequently hum Hang On Sloopy or Fight the Team in the shower? Are any of your children or pets named Archie, Eddie, or Woody? Do the colors maize and blue actually make you sick to your stomach?

If so, you are obviously a Buckeye fan, and you know how important it is to show your team spirit. And what better way to show your support than to create your very own Buckeye-themed room?

This website is designed to give you some ideas that will help you become the envy of your neighborhood by transforming your ordinary room into a bona fide Buckeye sanctuary.

Believe it or not, this is actually a picture of someone's basement:

My Buckeye Room - Ohio Stadium Wall Mural Wallpaper- Ohio State Buckeyes Image by stadiumwallmurals.com

You might say this basement is to most Buckeye basements as Clark Griswold's Christmas lighting is to most Christmas lighting. Personally, I can't say that this is something that I would want in my house. However, I give them plenty of credit for originality, and think that with a little help and some fresh ideas, you can create your very own unique Buckeye room.

I will show you some pictures and give you some ideas of photos, posters, decals, flags, and other OSU-themed decor that can help you turn your basement, living room, kitchen or bathroom into a respectable Buckeye room that will make any fan from "that state up north" shudder.

For more ideas, check out our Buckeye store on Amazon, which is full of Buckeye related decor, furniture, and accessories that I have hand-selected.